In a world where, more and more, people are expected to stay connected to others, it's easy to forget that not everyone has the tech to support constantly checking their social media and email. That's right! Not everyone owns a smartphone. Even crazier, not everyone wants a smartphone. Why not?!

Non-smartphones, typically referred to as dumb phones/feature phones/basic phones, still have some relevance in today's society. In fact, I personally know at least two people who use one! Why?!


Dumb phones are cheaper

It's no secret that smartphones are expensive. The latest iPhone costs over $1000! That's 10x the cost of most dumb phones!

Additionally, dumb phones rarely require as much data, so cell phone plans can be cheaper too.

Dumb phones are durable

Dumb phones come with batteries that don't need to be charged daily, and some don't need to be charged more than once a week. The phones don't usually need software updates as regularly as smartphones, and it's rare for them to have new hardware releases every year. The screens are less likely to shatter, even without a protective case, and the physical buttons tend to last. Dumb phones are fairly durable!

Discipline is easier

Sometimes, it's not about the phone's features but about something else completely. Smartphones enable access to apps that can be distracting temptations when trying to focus. And while human discipline can be sufficient to maintain that focus, sometimes, it's just easier to carry around the dumb phone and eliminate the temptation completely. It's comparable to the dieter who chooses to avoid buying snacks from the grocery store instead of choosing to keep snacks at home but eat them in smaller portions.

If there are kids at home, it may be easier to lead by example by owning and using a dumb phone instead of a smartphone.

Dumb phones may be healthier

Smartphone screens are known to be bright and disturb sleep, so there may be health benefits to having a dumb phone. There are articles about cancer from smartphone use too, but I don't know if I believe those.


Of course, this is all speculation. Who can really know why someone would choose to use a dumb phone? Clearly, smartphones are the superior choice and are taking over the world. But maybe it's worth thinking about the ways in which older tech can still be valuable. I mean, why does a famous actor like Keanus Reeves choose to use a dumb phone?!