Today is New Year's Eve. It's also my one-year anniversary writing this blog! In that time, I've published over 50 posts covering introductory programming concepts, potential job interview questions, game design, and all kinds of easter eggs and coding hacks. I've written about cool coding tricks in Javascript, Python, Ruby, and SQL and have even written a poem about the Ruby ampersand operator (albeit in the English language). And that's especially exciting for me since I only learned how to code in Ruby this year!

When I began this blog, I wasn't sure if I had anything new or interesting to say, but I figured that I could use it to practice public writing and to reinforce my understanding of technical concepts. I could try it for a year before taking it down at least. To confirm that this experiment even stood a chance, I wrote a few drafts to see if I had a knack for writing, quickly decided that my drafts were good enough (even if not great), and then went for it!

I've since gained a greater appreciation for the discipline it takes to publish a new blog post every week, and I've learned to find inspiration in my day-to-day life to source content. It isn't always easy, but the growing posts have been such a thrill to see! Plus, I'm not alone. Along the way, friends have provided suggestions for new blog posts and shared feedback on current ones. My regular readers have motivated me to continue writing during the weeks when I was ready to give up. Thank you!

Even though I hadn't initially planned to blog for more than one year, I now have too many unfinished drafts waiting to be completed and published. I can't stop now! So, 2022, looks like I'll be doing another year of blogging!