The tech world has suffered a shocking number of outages this week. On September 30th alone, many websites – Fortinet, Square, and Xero to name a few – were affected when Let's Encrypt chose to let their old root certificate expire. That same day, Cloudflare dealt with build failures. Shopify struggled with login issues. Heroku dashboards were unavailable. And Slack was down due to a DNS configuration rollback.

A few days later, Facebook was down for hours, its own employees unable to communicate with each other or even use badge access to enter their offices. Frustrated Facebook users then flooded other sites that nearly toppled under the unexpected traffic spike.

And as for Twitch? Oh, Twitch. They had a massive data leak.

To acknowledge today's burning tech world, I'm sharing one of my favorite lightning talks about the ways in which programming languages can go wrong. It showcases Javascript, Batman, and more!