I'm a faster-than-average typer. I can type at 100+ words per minute (WPM).

But I'm not that fast. The record for typing was set in 1946 by Stella Pajunas at 216 WPM. She used an IBM electric typewriter and maintained that pace for a full minute. Jeepers! When tested for a full hour, she typed at 140 WPM. Also a record. Also faster than my one-minute typing speed.

Unfortunately, Pajunas passed away in 2007. Today, Barbara Blackburn is the fastest living typist, clocking in at 212 WPM. She uses a Dvorak simplified keyboard.

Tools like the stenotype keyboard enable even faster typing, with a current record of 375 WPM.

But how fast do we really need to type? The average English speaker talks at <200 WPM, but the speed record for speaking is 637 WPM. I'm not even sure I can understand audio spoken that fast.

But now I wish there were a way to quantify how fast people think. If I could type as fast as I think, how fast would I be typing?